Unmatch is a puzzle game where you have to make combinations of 3 tiles with matching or unmatching shapes, colors or number of shapes.

Complete the tutorials and unlock a level editor, to make your own levels and beat your own highscore.

More hints

Swap tiles and align combinations of 3 tiles in rows or columns where each characteristic (shape, color or number) is either completely different or exactly the same. If one characteristic matches another characteristic can unmatch.

Good examples of combinations

All 3 tiles have exactly one symbol, but a completely different shape and color.

Tile one has two circles, tile two has three circles, tile three has one circle. So all the same shapes, but in different numbers. The colors have to be all red, all blue, all yellow OR one red & one blue & one yellow.

Some wrong combinations

All tiles are blue. The first two tiles have both two triangles, but the last one has two squares.

All 3 tiles have one circle. Two tiles are red, but the third one is yellow.


v0.0.3 update

Added a service worker, which means that when you add Unmatch to your homescreen you will also be able to play it while you are offline. So it is now a complete progressive web app. (Apple will users need the latest version of ios 11.3)

v0.0.2 update


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