Ibe is an augmented reality text adventure that takes place in a parallel universe. The game uses points of interest in the players everyday world as anchors to tell a fragmented and dystopian storyline.

In a parallel universe, there is a world very similar to Earth called Erath. The planet is almost completely destroyed by an unknown virus. The murky ruins of buildings once had the same utility and location as the buildings on this world.

On these streets a young woman called Ibe plunders to survive. She suffers from sever amnesia and it seems everyone else left the planet. But you can contact her with this app and guide her to find the food and items she needs by walking to those places on this Earth. Maybe you will even find people there who can save her.

How to play the game

The game uses geolocation and you interact with the system by walking to points of interest in your local area.

There are 3 main buttons: place, backpack and energy.

When you hit 'place' the app will ask for permission to use your current gps location. You should allow it or otherwise nothing happens. Ibe will then describe the place to you as she experiences it in her parallel universe.

Sometimes she will find an item. The items are collected in your backpack. To view your inventory: simply click the 'backpack' button and click a specific item to inspect it.

Items have 2 action buttons, which are a little different for each item.

Finally there is the 'energy' button. You should click it from time to time to check if Ibe isn't hungry. She can survive about 2 days without food.

The goal of the game

The goal of the game is to find other survivors.

If you get lost and don't know where to find certain items, you can consult the solution-spoiler.pdf


This game was made in two weeks for #AdvJam2018


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