machine generated dystopia

Collect power ups and mini maps to find your way through the procedural generated worlds of the Hop.

Simplified instructions

Hit "?" in the game for help.

Hit "esc" or "m" to return to the menu.

You should be able to figure out the rest yourself, but if you really need more info: read on.

Extended instructions

When you get stuck

It is normal to get stuck when you haven't found the right power ups yet. To mitigate this open your inventory with "Y". Then use the cursors to select the Homeblock and hit "X". You will be teleported back to the center of the world, where it should be safer.

2 player co-op

Connect 2 gamepads to play in local co-op mode. It is also an easy way to cheat around Perma Death, but you can still both die.

Randomised levels

A Hopworld is either completely unpredictable or generated from a seed. The same seed will produce the same world each time down to the last pixel. You can enter a seed via the main menu.

Using a seed will not regenerate the world, when you die the world will stay the same. However your inventory will still be emptied and your maps too, unless you disable Perma Death.

Other facts


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