Graves of Salad

Graves of Salad

It's the night after the day of judgement and the salads have risen from their graves. They are hungry for your brains. Can you hold off this onslaught of lettuce?


Keyboard: arrow keys and spacebar

Gamepad: d-pad/left joystick and A-button

Touch: hold one finger and drag to simulate arrow keys; touch with a second finger to simulate spacebar.

Background info

Graves of salad is a top down shooter game with a goofy horror theme. I built it around halloween 2016 to get familiar with the phaser framework. It's the first game i built with phaser that has a tilemap in it. In fact the tiles themselves are a modified version of an example on the phaser site. I just added some more objects to the tiles and then drew a giant graveyard map with them. Which was a lot of fun and a great learning experience.


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