Dave's Disk

Dave's Disk

When Dave Flimsy, a game developer for a large company, opens his mailbox in the morning, he finds a rather unpleasant message. It's the start of a horrible day.

Dave's Disk was made in two weeks for the adventure game jam 2017.


Keyboard: arrow keys and spacebar

Gamepad: d-pad/left joystick and A-button

Touch: hold one finger and drag to simulate arrow keys; touch with a second finger to simulate spacebar.


You can climb by pressing the up key when you are over a ladder. You can climb up, but also down and left and right. When you are on a platform and there is a ladder right beneath you you must press down to start climbing. You can start climbing while you are in the middle of a jump by hitting the up key.

You can also wall jump by hitting the jump button while you are sliding off a wall. When you fall from too high you will get killed, but wall jumping or starting to climb will cancel this effect.

You can talk to friendly npc's by striking the down key.

The agents and the boss will shock you when you hit them in a horizontal direction. To fight them you must jump on their heads.


Programming and pixel art: Quinten Clause

Royalty free sounds by: sub-d, zittergeist, dopepoo, frankum, tuudurt and lizziam

Special thanks to: Tine Pecceu


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