Renton Jules Open House official video

Renton Jules Open House official video

February 26, 2020

In december and january i made a video clip for Renton Jules's debut single Open House.

There has not been a lot of time for game making in the last 3 months, but that isn't to say i haven't been busy. Lots of animation needed to be done, because the band Renton Jules asked me to make a video clip for their debut single Open House.

Although i wasn't making a game, i still used the game framework Phaser to do all the compositing. This has a couple of advantages over traditional animation software. You can tween the phaser camera or use the camera shakes. You can script little canvas animations into it. The sprite and animation system also allows quicker workflows then clicking your way through After Effects.

All the sprites are drawn by hand on paper and then scanned and turned into sprites with the cli tool imagemagick. The unnecessary white was cut out with Affinity Photo.

What's also nice is that a music video doesn't have to be responsive and adapt to different screensizes. I also could skip the whole sound design part and concentrate only on the animation.

It was a lot of fun and i hope i can do more projects like these in the future.

The band operates under dox records. You can find their single on the usual platforms.



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