Default mode of being

November 2, 2019

Boredom is the perfect precedent to creativity. Create a state of flow by being bored first.

First cancel as many social activities as possible. You can't be everywhere at once. So tell your friends you are meeting other friends or something.

Second do your normal slavery job, but just enough to pay the bills and have something to eat.

Third do all the necessary housekeeping, shores and errands as quickly as possible. It is important to do all of them and without distractions.

Finally when you have nothing left to do, you will reach a state of boredom. It will emerge as an epiphany that you have a small amount of time (can be only 5 minutes) with which you don't know what to do. It is time to return to your default mode of being. It is an activity you do when everything else is done. For me it is doodling. For you it can be writing, reading, singing, watching tv or also doodling. Whatever it is you need to be mindful about it, because it is the source to which you return.


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