April progress

April 13, 2019

Quietly working on random stuff seems to be the theme this month.

I think more than happiness i crave a life where i am in control. (This is a side note.)

After finishing dead sticks i am working on some random stuff this month. None of which is ready to be public and pirated right now. It seemed like i was steerless for a moment, yet i am doing stuff i like and i think needs doing, besides the dayjob that is, which is a little chaotic at the moment.

I have been tinkering with raspberry pi's and made them boot into fullscreen animations. Those were made with Open Frameworks and written in c++. For a while i tried booting them up into chromium and then launch javascript canvas stuff. But that was too much for the pi to handle. So i decided to learn some c++.

Also the renderer of Open Frameworks doesn't need the desktop. So you can boot the pi to the cli with login and then launch the animation from the bashrc file. I like that the pi's can just be connected to power and then be plugged into a tv screen without any other setup and just display generative art out of the box.

Another project i worked on was the dust-phaser-plugin. The first phaser plugin i actually published on npm. There is no demo yet. You will just need to test it yourself. It is a small polishing effect for pixel art scenes so you can have small particles wandering around the screen. You might think it is easy to make something move random, but it actually involves some vector math to make them not look stuttery and let them flow with the wind.

There is also a new mobile pwa game in the making that involves a fish trying to escape a barbecue. I am building it for a small audience that consists of three little people. There is still a lot of stuff i want to add to it and i don't think i will finish it this month or before the next ldjam. Besides my niece and 2 nephews are to small to hold a phone yet. So there is no rush. Only pirates want a quick win.


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