Untitled is a multiplayer experiment. You can explore the small world on your own, but when there are others online you can play a game of tag.

One player has bunny ears. If you collide with that player, you will get the bunny ears. It's that simple.

Players can run, jump, climb and wall jump. You can also never die. There are no enemies or npc's. You only need to watch out for the other players when you have the bunny ears.


Keyboard: arrow keys and spacebar

Gamepad: d-pad/left joystick and A-button

Touch: hold one finger and drag to simulate arrow keys; touch with a second finger to simulate spacebar.

2 Gamepads: if you open the game in 2 seperate browser windows, you can play with 2 gamepads on the same computer. The trick to setting them up correctly is that you first open one window and hit A with the first controller on the start screen. Then you open a second window and hit A with the second controller on the start screen.

Background info

This game was a test for mechanics that later were used in Dave's Disk. I also wanted to experiment with the multiplayer stuff which is done with the socket.io framework. But it is not scalable to fit a lot of players.

Why Untitled as a title for a game? Doesn't that make your game undiscoverable on the internet? While that's true, it's never my intention to reach a great mass of players. A game can also be a hidden realm, an undiscovered paradise, where you can be in peace. It's like when you are sitting on a bench in a quiet area of a park or forest and realise there is just nobody there.


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